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gift of thyme Personal Chef Service

Hi Yvonne,

You provide a wonderful service. From the pretty bouquet you greeted me with, to your efficiency and professionalism in the kitchen, to the packaging and labelling of the meals and cleanup, I was very impressed.

We had the salmon with lime-ginger dressing last night and it was delicious.Thank you again and we look forward to our meals for the rest of the week.

M.G. Mississauga, On
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Standard Family Service

For those clients with a family, gift of thyme will prepare your choice of five menu items plus sides using the freshest ingredients possible. Ideal for a larger family of 4-6 persons on a weekly basis, or 2-3 adults every two weeks.

We shop for your groceries, prepare generous portions of the five menu items you have chosen, package,
label and store them appropriately in the fridge or freezer as you have instructed,
and leave your kitchen smelling wonderful and immaculately clean.

Singles, Doubles and Seniors

For Singles, Doubles and Seniors clients, gift of thyme will prepare your choice
of three menu items plus side dishes.

Ideal for a family of 2-3 on a weekly basis, or for 1-2 adults every two weeks.

Customized Service

Completely unique, customized service is available for those clients who would like to individualize
the way they receive the gift of thyme Personal Chef Service.

We have a variety of food preparation skills and are able to cater to many special dietary needs
and other unique requirements.

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